Alchedy Construction Inc.

Building Trust with Quality Work

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We make dreams a reality! From design to actual construction, we make sure that we comply from all detailed specifications and standards. Quality is always our priority.

Design and Planning


 We do it from scratch! We assist clients through the help of our well experienced Architects and engineers in designing and planning any structure. We make sure that we meet every client’s expectations and needs.  



We cater so many clients that are not satisfied with the looks of their home, especially those who bought a bare condo unit or apartment. We do interior renovation to suites every client’s needs and aspiration for their new home. 

Customized Fabrication


  We offer custom built fabrication. Whether it’s a home furniture, commercial furniture, metal grills, gates, cabinets, etc…

Construction Materials


 We offer wide variety of construction materials to some of our clients. Architects, fellow contractors, and even home owners.

Permits and Loans


 To make it easier for our clients, we offer our services in processing building permits and occupancy permits. We also help clients who need assistance in construction loans. Our partner banks are willing to assist you.